Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Wandering Sage Publications LLC Picks Up the Rights to the Elysian Chronicles

Both A Prophecy Forgotten and Out of the Shadows will debut in paperback!

First, many of you who read my MySpace blog may remember the cruel little April Fool's Day joke I played on you where I said, "Out of the Shadows publication stalled. The manuscript may not see print." That was incredibly mean of me, and I do apologize--again.

I'm mentioning that because this is NOT a joke, and I wanted to make sure everyone knew that. Actually, it's amazingly good news!

Wandering Sage Publications, LLC has acquired the rights to The Elysian Chronicles, meaning both A Prophecy Forgotten and Out of the Shadows. (Wandering Sage is the same publisher that is publishing A Prophecy Forgotten as a graphic novel.)

Best news first:
For those of you going to DragonCon, you can purchase a DragonCon-only Limited Edition of A Prophecy Forgotten in trade paperback at the Con (signed, of course.)

Now for the rest of the good news:

A Prophecy Forgotten: Book I of the Elysian Chronicles (ISBN 1-59507-169-5) in hardcover is now out of print.
There are: 5 books in the Naples Barnes & Noble, a few more at the Gulf Coast Town Center Borders in Ft. Myers, about 8 at the Carrollwood Barnes & Noble in Tampa, and 3 new on (Only 4 used are available as well.) Other books may exist, but I'm not sure where. This means that when I become really famous, those books are going to be worth a bunch of money... It also means that if you really want a hardcover of A Prophecy Forgotten, buy it now!

A Prophecy Forgotten (ISBN 1-933300-09-4) will soon be available as a trade paperback!
This will include a few editing changes and an updated prologue (with an extra scene)... I will be giving you more news as time goes on, including when you can purchase it at bookstores!

Out of the Shadows (ISBN 1-933300-08-6) will be available soon in trade paperback (making it more affordable).
I do not have a date yet on its release, but be assured that I will let everyone know the moment I find out. Target dates are set between 4-6 months.

I think that's about it for the current news. Stay tuned for updates and...the new book cover....

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