Tuesday, July 01, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: A Prophecy Forgotten to be Adapted into a Graphic Novel!

KISS 4K Web Comic Artist, Adam Black, will create the artwork! (For those of you unfamiliar with KISS, watch Gene Simmons' Family Jewels.)

Okay, I can finally share the news that I've been sitting on for about a month! Wandering Sage Publications' graphic novel imprint, Abyss Walker Comics, has picked up the graphic novel rights to A Prophecy Forgotten: Book I of the Elysian Chronicles! (For those of you who might not be familiar with the graphic novel genre, think: a novel in comic book form.) KISS comic book artist, Adam Black, has signed on to do the artwork. For those of you who like graphic novels, comic books, and manga, you'll be in for a serious thrill because I can guarantee you Mr. Black's work will be amazing! (I've already gotten a sneak peak at what he can do!)

This means double the exposure and double the audience for the Elysian Chronicles series! I also means that I can add in some visual forms of foreshadowing (and symbolism) for Out of the Shadows and Book III that would be impossible to do with just written prose. (It also gets me a foot in the door to the world of comic books if I ever want to make The Elysian Chronicles into a comic book series, which I do.)

Here's the official scoop:

  • A Prophecy Forgotten will be divided into two graphic novels, meaning I won't be editing out too many scenes. (Kind of like the 7th Harry Potter movie...)
  • I will be doing the adapting (i.e. graphic novel writing), meaning I'm going to be stuck staring at this computer drinking the rest of my coveted stash of Harney & Sons Cherry Blossom Green Tea for quite a while (until the tea runs out--about a month *sniff, sniff*). This also gives me control over the content, so you can be assured that the story is coming from me--not someone hired by me. (I won't become James Patterson, I promise! I'm too much of a control freak.)
  • Working on the graphic novel will not affect the publication date of Out of the Shadows, which is already in editing.
  • I will make it my mission to make sure this will not push back the eventual publication date for Book III. Out of the Shadows coming out late has done that for me. (I cannot, however, guarantee that other forces, to be left unnamed, will not hinder the publication date of Book III.)

What this means for Elysian Chronicles readers:

  • You get to see Elysia in full color! Drawn by Mr. Black, and he's gooooood! (Heck, I want to see Elysia in full color!)
  • You will get to see really cool concept art sketches and previews of things to come--as long as you keep checking the blog and the website.
  • You will get to experience the graphic novel creation process in-depth, as I'll be blogging about it a lot. I figured it would be fun to share, considering this is my first time ever attempting anything like this.
  • Elysian Chronicles art means the possibility of Elysian Chronicles merchandise... Yes, it's being discussed.

So keep checking the blog. This is going to be tons of fun!!!

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