Sunday, July 27, 2008

BabelCon 08: Watch Me "Getting Knotted" on Video!

My friend, Rachel, is a member of Cast Aways Open Theatre Troupe. They aid various charities with their work, and at BabelCon, they aided McMain's Charity for Children, based in Baton Rouge. They dress up as--well I think it was Renaissance--courtiers. Each of them has a made-up name with that last name being Knot, such as Slip Knot. It's really funny. (I suggested the names Waste Knot and Want Knot...) My friend, Rachel, is the court jester (Wench Knot), and my friend, Damian, is Plunge Knot (but explaining that story would take to long).

Throughout BabelCon, the members of Cast Aways paraded around holding court, and they are hilarious. On the last day, Cast Aways made me an honorary member of their troupe, dubbing me...Publish Knot. (It was Rachel's idea.)

Here is a link to the video of me getting totally embarrassed. It's only about a minute long. Thanks to Keith for taking the video and posting it on-line!

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