Tuesday, September 26, 2006

September 26, 2006 Daily Readings

Readings: I Samuel 21-22, Psalm 128, Romans 11
I Samuel 21-22: Saul, the king of Israel, is still king, and still responsible for governing God's people. With those responsibilities comes protecting the land and dispensing justice. Saul allows his jealousy and hatred of David to lead him to
Abandon his post as king as he seeks to kill David, thus leaving the land unprotected.
Kill God's priests at Nob, whom he believes helped David in rebellion against him--a true injustice.

Kill the innocent women and children in the town of Nob--again, injustice--and he's causing it!
This is such a great illustration of how harboring hatred for another in our hearts can lead us to do evil in ways we never thought we could.

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