Wednesday, September 13, 2006

September 13, 2006 Daily Reading

Okay, I just looked over my last journal, and I'm a little freaked out. As I said in my Online Journal, God totally took over my little trip to Annapolis. But look at my entry below. God basically told me he was going to take care of it. Isn't that all amazing. I'm all worried about whether or not I'm going to see what I need to see, and God had already taken care of it. Also, the earth groaned while I was in Annapolis. Naples experienced a little earthquake.

Readings: I Samuel 17-18, Psalm 126, Romans 9
This was the David and Goliath chapter. We all know the story, so I won't bore anyone with the details. I remember doing a Sunday school lesson on this. I took a piece of tape and put it on the wall where Shaq's head would have hit (had he been there). The dude is over seven feet tall! Then I took a piece of tape and put it where Goliath's head would have been at nine feet. Egads! If you picture Goliath as two feet taller than Shaq with just as much mass per foot, you've got one big dude. And Goliath wasn't saying to the Israelites, "Let's fight each other." He was saying, "Send one man to fight me!" Now I don't know about the rest of you, but if I was an Israelite listening to him, I would be scared, mainly because I'd know that no one had a chance against Goliath. Maybe four soldiers who were quick with nice long bows could defeat him, but not one soldier. I for one, would not step foot on that battle field. As I read the story, I began to realize that my faith is sometimes just as weak as the faith of the Israelites, even after such a great weekend. I guess it was the Holy Spirit trying to keep me humble.

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