Tuesday, September 26, 2006

My Football Seaon is Officially Over (& more)

Time for my weekly sports updates:

Yankees: Great job to my Yankees for officially clinching the AL East. Now if we can just win the World Series. And those of you working for Beelzebub—I mean Bud Selig—please work on the design for the playoff sweatshirts next year. This one is just blah. I’m not buying one—not even that nasty pink one you keep trying to pawn off to us serious chick-fans. (Although I must confess that I do have a pink Yankees hat. It’s muted pink, to go with my muted pink shirts. Hey, my accessories gotta match.)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Well, that’s it for my football season. Sims Jr. is out after spleen surgery. Drat! Unless the new Tampa Bay rookie turns into the next Tom Brady or Ben Rothlesburger (sp?), my Bucs are going to have a great shot at some good draft picks next year. And I hope Mr. Casey of the Carolina Panthers breaks his ankle. GRRR!

Fantasy Football: Great job, Pink Jeep Cherokees! Looks like my little speech last week helped. Everyone performed with excellence, giving me a win. Congrats all around—especially to Tatum Bell and Tom Brady. Feely, you’ve gotta get onto Eli Manning and get him to get you close enough to have more than one or two field goal attempts.

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