Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

The Good News: I'm almost able to walk 100% again!

My right foot is doing great. My right knee, however, wasn't doing so great two days ago. (Old knee injury about three years ago. Flash light tag in the rain. Don't ask.) So I decided enough was enough and grabbed an ice back. I alternated between my right knee and cantankerous left foot 20 minutes each for about four hours--and it worked!!! Well, at least on my knee. That left foot is still sore. I've never really had the old ice bag trick actually work, but that's because putting ice on a freshly strained right knee meniscus after you basically bent it sideways on a wet, grassy hill during flashlight tag just isn't going to do much. Your knee will swell, you won't be able to bend it, and then if you have a bad left foot, you will be confined to yet another wheel chair the day before your knee immobilizer comes off. But ice works on old knee strains!

The Bad News: I've got to wear heels all weekend at the writer's conference I'll be speaking at. This could be interesting...

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