Monday, April 14, 2008

he Difficulties of Life Without MLB Extra Innings

Budget cuts have forced the Weston household to go without cable/DSL for a while. This is great for my writing, but it is horrible for my baseball addiction. I've been forced to watch my New York Yankees on's gameday--when I've been home when they've played, which is another story altogether.

Tonight, I got my first chance to watch a baseball game at my brother-in-law's house. He does not have MLB Extra Innings, so I was stuck with whatever was on TV--ESPN Monday Night Baseball with the Boston Red Sox and the Cleveland Indians playing at the fly-infested dung hole that used to be called Jacob's Field. (What's up with this "Progressive Field" mumbo jumbo. It's The Jake! Not Progressive Field. )

Basically, Boston & Cleveland are my two of my most hated teams this year.

This put me in an interesting position. Do I cheer for the Yankees' hated rival, Boston, or do I cheer for the team that beat the Yankees in the playoffs last year (due in part to the fly- infested dung hole) and failed to beat Boston in the ALCS?

Answer: I cheered for the game. When I saw a gorgeous play (like when Coco Crisp tried for a bunt single and was thrown out-he he he), I cheered. When Varitek connected, I cheered. When the Yankees box score came up showing them beating the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, I cheered. Baseball is baseball and good baseball deserves a good cheer.

I must admit, however, that toward the end of the game, I was cheering for the Tribe. (I'm still a Yankee fan at heart.) And FYI, Jeter is back, the Yanks are winning 8-7, Mariano Rivera is pitching to B. J. Upton in the 9th with 2 outs and no one on, and Boston is down 4-3 in the 8th. *happy sigh* Life is currently beautiful--except the lack of TV thing.

P.S. Rivera just struck out Upton for a Yankees win. I'm switching to the Boston/Cleveland game...

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