Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Regular Cars Don’t Like Diesel and other things I learned at MegaCon

I just returned from MegaCon, and I learned a few things:

  1. Don't fill you car up with diesel fuel instead of gasoline in the middle of Arcadia at 0-dark-hundred in the morning. If you do, the car will not work, and you will be forced to rely on a nice man named Craig to tow you to a mechanic, who will have to take out your engine in order to remove said fuel concoction. You will then be 3 hours late for MegaCon. Special thanks to the guys at Tex's Auto for their speedy service, and to my husband for not killing me for being stupid.
  2. If you are fighting with swords, don't use big sweeping motions. That only works in anime films... (Jim of Barbarian Battles and author Chris Jackson gave me a few tips based on the mistakes a bunch of people were making...)
  3. Speaking of swords, people will pay money to beat up their friends using a foam sword. (I would have, too, but I had to stay at my vendor booth. Gosh, I wish I could do martial arts again...)
  4. Anime is quite popular.
  5. Lots of people like my smile. With 4 years of braces through high school and a retainer at the same time, they'd better. (It was horrible. I had to eat with the retainer in my mouth so I wouldn't break off the brackets on my bottom teeth, and I couldn't speak right--constantly slurring my S's. No wonder I was so unpopular in high school...)
  6. It's great to have a vendor table next to friends. I was sandwiched between authors Chris Jackson and Glenda Finkelstein, and they were so nice. I also roomed with young adult author Tracy Akers, and we had a great time. Mainly we slept because we were so exhausted.
  7. Always bring a camera to a science fiction & fantasy festival. So many great costumes and no camera to photograph them with...
  8. Standing on hard cement in heels all day makes your feet hurt.

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