Sunday, March 30, 2008

Now My Right Foot Hurts!

Or, And the Backbone's Connected to the Foot Tendon

Okay, I'm really trying not to complain here, but the tendon in my left foot is still sore, and now a completely different tendon in my right foot is throbbing. ARGH! Speed limping is over; I'm hobbling like an old lady. I guess my right foot just couldn't handle the extra load.

I know many of you are probably wondering what's up with my feet. It's actually a combination of two problems. Problem 1: I have incredibly high arches. When I have wet feet and I walk across a pool deck, the only prints I leave are the balls of my feet, my toes, my heal, and a thin line where the side of my foot barely hits the ground. I can stick my thumb between my arch and the bottom of a sneaker with room to spare, so regular shoes don't give me enough support. I do have these lovely fiberglass insoles that I wear when I wear sneakers and flats, but those don't exactly work with business attire.

Problem 2: I have scoliosis, but we didn't catch it until I was already grown. It's hard to see. If you picture my spinal cord, it forms a small "J" at my pelvis and then continues straight up instead of turning back around to correct itself. So I look like I'm standing up straight, but most of my body leans to my left side. (In an X-ray, my spinal chord goes around my belly-button ring with an inch to spare.) Anyway, I'm really just a Leaning Tower of Pizza. (And I thought I was always off-balance because I was klutzy.)

So my feet hurt because my back is twisted. Go figure. (I'm sure there is a spiritual lesson in here somewhere. You know: one part of the body having a problem and affecting other parts of the body....)

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