Monday, October 08, 2007

NecronomiCon: Meeting Science Fiction Author, Stuart Clark

This weekend I attended NecronomiCon where I sold my books at a table next to science fiction writer, Stuart Clark, whose first book, Project ULF, debuted about the same time A Prophecy Forgotten did.

Project ULF's Jurasic-Park-meets-Alien storyline intrigues me. It's about a company that captures alien life forms across the universe and brings them back to Earth for their zoo in Chicago (500 years from now). The company perceives one of its "trappers" as a threat and sends him on a bogus mission to a planet from which no one has returned. I can't wait to begin reading it.

You'll probably see Stuart and me selling books together at DragonCon next year! To find out more about Stuart, visit He also has a MySpace at, in which he did a nice write up about A Prophecy Forgotten on his MySpace Blog. Give Stuart some clicks and check out both his blog and his book!

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