Friday, October 19, 2007

I had fun tonight at Barnes & Noble at my writing workshop, "Sensory Details and Landscape." I also picked up the 2008 Writer's Market and a lap desk for my laptop computer. When I went downstairs, a unique book caught my eye, Lost Worlds: Vikings. I opened it and found a beautifully illustrated book both inside and out with detailed, yet mystical pictures of vikings. I couldn't resist--I need it for future research, and it had sparkly red stones embedded in the cover!

(See how pretty it is? Now you know why I couldn't resist...)

Then I found two more books that I just had to buy: The Illustrated book of Sings and Symbols and Battles of the Medieval World.

I need these three books for research on future projects. Your job is to figure out why on earth I would need such books. (Tee Hee.)

Any guesses?

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