Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Prophecy Forgotten Now Available at and Barnes & Noble

Or, Why I Have the Best Mother-In-Law in the World

I finally got the book last night, but I’ve been told that it always takes a two to three weeks after the proof has been approved before knowledge of the book hits and Barnes & Noble. So, I figured that I had about two weeks to plan my bookstore tour, in which I’m going to pile all my info into the car and take a drive from here to Ft. Myers and back, stopping at bookstores and begging for book signings.

That is, until my mother-in-law gives me a call and tells me that I’m already on Amazon and Barnes and Talk about a freak out moment! I wouldn’t have even thought to check the websites for another week! I thanked her profusely, as her little call changed my entire plan for this week, drove home immediately and changed from shorts and flip flops to Capri pants and heels, printed up all the stuff I planned to bring to Barnes & Noble—Naples, and headed off. Oh, and I took my hair out of the ratty pony-tail and put it up in a nice clip. I grabbed a copy of A Prophecy Forgotten, which my publisher requires all of his authors to have on hand at all times, marched into Barnes & Noble, and made an “appointment” for next Thursday with the Community Relations Manager there to discuss book signings, so stay tuned for more news. Anyway, all of this is because of my wonderful mother-in-law, who is looking out for me!

If you have read A Prophecy Forgotten, please log onto and Barnes and and post a comment about it in the comments section. Here are the links:

Barnes and

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