Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A Prophecy Forgotten Has Finally Arrived!

And I’m Too Tired to be Excited!

Well, the books I ordered were supposed to arrive today. So I waited. And waited. And waited some more. By 3:45, Greg and I had to leave to clean a salon. Once we finished (5:00), we raced home to see if the books were there because we were meeting someone whom I was going to give a book to anyway—and they weren’t there. So we left to clean some more—three more hours of office cleaning—and we came home exhausted. And the books were sitting at our door!

Let me tell you, the cover for A Prophecy Forgotten is just plain cool. The colors look great up close and far away, and—It’s just cool.

It’s funny, when people finally realize that you have written a book and the accomplishment that comes with it. For me, the realization was complete when I signed a contract with ArcheBooks. The publishing contract is the hard part. The rest—the writing, editing, waiting, etc.—is peaches compared to the difficulty of actually getting the book published. So the moment I signed the contract, I considered myself a professional author.

I’ve come to realize, however, that it’s different for the rest of the world. A book is a book when it’s a book. I guess that makes sense. It’s been a little hard to sell a future book. J.K. Rowling can, but I haven’t been able to—yet. Just you wait!

For more information on my debut novel, A Prophecy Forgotten, check out my website at http://www.elysianchronicles.com.


Jill Bond said...

Dear Author,

Regarding the inscription on my personal copy, (first copy, I might add) of A Prophecy Forgotten; You wrote: "To Jill, My coffe buddy..."
No, that is not a typographical error that you see there my good friend, that is indeed, the way you spelled coffee. I love it! It's perfect, you wanted me to help keep you grounded, well, here it is. You may be a big-time-author but you still make human errors. Gotta love it.

Rock on girlfriend, I couldn't be more proud of you!

M. B. Weston said...

I never could spell, and I'm misspelling on books all over the place. I just mispelled a lady's name today--right after asking her how to spell it! Maybe I'll hold a contest for whoever can find the biggest mispelling in one of my messages.