Monday, October 20, 2008

Meet Two New Characters in Out of the Shadows!

Hint: They both have wings, scales, and their breath can wreak havoc...

My friend, Sandy Lender--author of Choices Meant for Gods, asked for short stories, poetry, etc. about dragons to post on her blog, Today The Dragon Wins.

Oh, did I mention that Out of the Shadows, book two of The Elysian Chronicles , has dragons in it? No? Well.. (Flying napalm can always add fun twists to fantasy stories. He he he.)

Anyhow, in Out of the Shadows, I refer to something that happened before the book begins, involving one of the dragons, Kinole, and the dragons' king, Rhys. (Hint: See A Prophecy Forgotten's "Chapter 19: The Hero Returns" for more information on Rhys.) So I decided to write the actual story for Sandy's blog.

Now, I kind of had young children in mind when I wrote it. I guess I was thinking of a cherubian grandfather telling his grandchildren the story by the fire. So the tone may seem childlike, and I guess it was. I also had a 1,000 word limit, so it took a lot of finagling to squeeze all of my ideas into that few words.

The story gives you a slight preview to a whole new group of creatures in Out of the Shadows and a chance to get to know a few new key players in The Elysian Chronicles saga:

Kinole of the King's Guard

Kinole’s serpentine body soared through the air, and he ignored the raindrops pelting his eyes and sizzling the moment they touched his searing, blue-green scales before evaporating. His heart pounded. Would the other dragons attack him? They were only Tatsu—the smallest of the dragon races, but Kinole was the slightest even of them. He glanced over his shoulder and saw a dragon with deep plum scales gaining on him.

Kinole crashed into a tree trunk and plummeted to the ground. The purple dragon landed on top of him and climbed on his back, digging his claws into Kinole’s shoulder. “Don’t tell a soul what we’re planning, Kinole,” he growled...

For the rest of the story, click here to visit Sandy's blog, Today the Dragon Wins, and be sure to leave a nice comment.

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