Sunday, October 19, 2008

DragonCon Limited Edition Version of A Prophecy Forgotten Now Available!

APF Trade For DragonCon, my publisher (Wandering Sage Publications) decide to create a limited edition trade paperback of A Prophecy Forgotten. We set to work immediately, knowing time was of essence.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly until the week before DragonCon. Wandering Sage called, saying the proof they had gotten back from the printer was not working. Something was horribly wrong.

To make an incredibly long story short, the horrible thing that went wrong was a computer virus--practically untraceable. The result? Wandering Sage had to re-upload all their files, re-format the entire book, and send it back to the printer, hoping everything worked--in about 6 hours.

They shipped the books overnightto DragonCon (on their dollar--not mine) where they arrived at the hotel on Saturday.

Ladies and gentlemen, I want to take a moment to applaud Dave Barlow and Wandering Sage for the work they put into getting the limited editions to Atlanta in time for me to sell them. I've never been in this situation with other publishers, so I don't know how they might have reacted, but I know that Wandering Sage really went above and beyond on this one. They could have just given up and left me at DragonCon with my last 15 copies of my hardcover. I know personally that Dave lost a lot of sleep to come through on this, and he deserves a big THANK YOU!

I still have a few of the limited editions left. You can't get them in stores; you have to buy them directly from me (meaning they'll be signed)! They are $20, which includes shipping charges. If you are interested in purchasing one, please send me an e-mail at

Like the regular version of the trade paperback, the limited edition has:

  • An added scene in the prologue.
    A few changes here and there--most of them due to the watchful eye of the TSME.
  • Grammar corrections. (This is not to say that my original publisher did a poor job in editing. I think they did a fine job, but creating a perfectly-edited novel is a statistical impossibility. A few people were so kind as to point out a few grammar mistakes in the first edition, which we fixed in this edition.)

Unlike the regular paperback, there are only about 150 copies of the limited edition, making it extremely rare. (How can you tell the difference? The limited edition's cover is purple instead of blue.)

A quick note: due to the virus, there are a few formating errors in the limited edition. (Personally, I think they make it that much more valuable.) A font change was the main culprit, making the book take up more pages than planned, which threw the Table of Contents off track. But the words are exactly the same. I've found that most people choose the limited edition when they can.

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