Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Radio Show with Ad Astra Radio In the Works

Now for the big news: Many of you know that I have often mentioned the possibility of doing my own podcasting show. I was about to put feet on the idea when this weekend at FX International, I met Chris West of Ad Astra Radio, an on-line science fiction radio station. They use streaming audio instead of podcasts, and they also have made it possible for radio stations to pick up their on-line feed and broadcast their shows over the air waves instead of just the Internet. (I have absolutely no idea how that works.) After talking with Chris and the head of Ad Astra, we decided that I might do a fantasy-based radio show with them--especially considering I was already in the process of purchasing a lot of the equipment to do my own podcasting show.

I'm excited about this because working with a radio station will make it possible to reach more people than just me doing a podcast--especially a station that uses streaming audio technology instead of podcasting technology. (Podcasting can take up lots of bandwidth--meaning the more successful a podcaster is, the more bandwidth he/she has to pay for.) Ad Astra also will handle many of the things I don't know how to handle, such as editing and cutting sound bites, etc.

This week, I will be asking advice from a few people I already know in radio and working on ideas for two different shows that I will be presenting to Ad Astra later this week, so stay tuned!

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