Sunday, August 26, 2007

Meeting Dr. Molly Barrow

Yesterday, I got to meet Dr. Molly Barrow, PhD at a book signing she did at Borders in Ft. Myers. She is a psychologist who wrote a book on relationships called Matchlines. Unlike sites such as E-Harmony or, Dr. Molly’s site and her book focus on mending, healing, and improving relationships that we already have—especially those relationships with our “someone special.”

Dr. Molly is a friend of mine, and we are published by the same publisher (ArcheBooks). We chatted about websites and blogs, and she gave me some incredible tips and ideas for future business ventures that I have in mind.

Check out Dr. Molly’s website at

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(Me & Dr. Molly. Not the most flattering pic of me--especially with the bug eyes, but that's what happens when you're up day and night working on a sequel.)

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