Friday, May 18, 2007

Bartow Middle School Young Writers Contest

I had a great time on Tuesday, when I spent time at Bartow Middle School to help announce the winners of the Polk County FWA’s First Annual Young Writers’ Contest. I think what amazed me most was talking with several students before hand and hearing them tell me how nervous they were and how much they wanted to win. I guess this surprised me because when I was in middle school, I had absolutely no desire to be a writer, and I would have laughed at the idea of doing extra homework.

How time have changed. My first published work was a result of winning a contest. Ha ha! A poetry contest—even better. (I hated poetry in school.)

I want to congratulate not only the winners of the contest, but also every student who participated. You spent time writing a story on top of all your homework, and remember that A Prophecy Forgotten was already under contract when a couple people blasted in it a contest, saying it would never be published.

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