Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Update on My Father

The surgery went well, but they had to take out 18 inches of colon instead of 15. My dad has a tube in his nose that goes into his stomach. (This is so the gas that they pumped into him to check for leaks can come out.) He’s also got a catheter.

The surgery was not without adventure, however. They gave him an epidural instead of morphine to ease his pain, but the epidural didn't work, and no one would believe him for five hours. So basically, my dad now knows what it's like to wake up in the middle of surgery ('cause that's what it feels like when you wake up right after surgery with no morphine). IDIOTS! Just because a guy isn't yelling and moaning doesn't mean he's not in excruciating pain! Sometimes I wish doctors and nurses would listen to their patients. We know our own bodies better than anyone, and we know if something’s wrong.

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