Sunday, February 11, 2007

My Adventures at the Bell Tower Craft Fair

I just spent Wednesday and Thursday sitting at a craft fair with two fellow Archebooks authors, Sara Williams and Linda Billodeau. Sara is a mystery author who wrote The Don Juan Con and The Serenoa Scandal. The Don Juan Con, a story about a man who gets women to fall in love with him and cons them out of their money, has been optioned by Paramount by Robert Evans—a really big Hollywood producer. You can learn more about Sara Williams at Linda Billodeau has written two books: The Olive Branch (a tale of three young women during the French Resistance) and Stepping Through Seagrass (the story of the adventures of a female physician who winds up working with the locals in Immokalee, Florida). You can visit Linda’s website at

It was so much fun passing out brochures for my future book as they sold their books. I even helped sell their books when they had to leave the booths for a few minutes. I sold four books for Linda and two for Sara. I’m just a little sales force, aren’t I? (Can’t wait to get a chance to sell my own book….)

I think the best part of the experience—aside from learning that I really do have the ability to sell—was talking with Linda and Sara about the ups and downs of being an author after the book is published. They both had good advice, and both of them are real go-getters. In fact, Linda had to leave for a while to go speak at the Sanibel Library. I think what I respect the most about these two fantastic ladies is their perseverance. Authors encounter tons of obstacles while they try to sell their books, and these ladies just keep going despite the obstacles. Sara Williams said to me a few times, “Oh, you’ll encounter this-and-so and that-and-so, but you just have to keep on going and not let it bug you. Don’t give up.” What great advice.

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