Friday, February 16, 2007

My Day at Carrollwood Day School

Yesterday, I spoke at Carrollwood Day School. What an amazing facility! They bought the building from Idlewild Baptist Church, and the building is perfect for a school. The kids were well behaved, and I loved all the teachers. I got to speak in Ms. Dosher’s classroom. She is a huge fantasy lover and Harry Potter fan. She divided her class into Hogwarts houses, and each house competes for points. I would have loved to have her as a teacher.

I spoke to three groups of 15 young adults about the concept of “Show, Don’t Tell.” I also got to hang out with some fellow writer friends: Eugene Orlando and Tracy Akers. Carrollwood provided a great lunch, including this really good croissant pudding (like bread pudding only more decadent), and they gave me a Starbucks gift card. It was a really fun day.

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