Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Florida Writers Association Conference

I just returned from the Florida Writers Association annual writer’s conference at Disney World where I gave a presentation on The Three Rules of Great Writing: Use Strong Verbs, Eliminate Passive Voice, and Show, Don’t Tell. My audience really responded to my presentation, and I had a great time giving it. I enjoyed being surrounded by so many people who were writers just like me. We’re a strange, group, we writers, and sometimes it so good to meet other people like us. I also played hooky a couple times and met my family at Animal Kingdom. The conference refreshed me, and I’m able to concentrate on the sequel to my novel now.

Click the following link for pictures of the conference:


Also, if you like horror novels—especially YA Horror Novels, check out Dan Strohschein’s blog at www.yahorror.blogspot.com.

For more information on my debut novel, A Prophecy Forgotten, check out my website at http://www.elysianchronicles.com

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DanStrohschein said...

Thanks for the link!

Hope things are well and your sequel is moving forward!