Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Prophecy Forgotten Paperback Cover!

When I originally signed with Wandering Sage Publications, we planned to create a temporary Elysian Chronicles: A Prophecy Forgotten cover for DragonCon and let an artist create the real cover. Our chosen artist was Dan Harding--his stuff is amazing--who has created paintings for author Shane Moore. (Check out this picture Dan painted for Shane!)

Before poor Dan, who had diligently worked on some preliminary sketches for us, could start the project, Wandering Sage and I realized that A Prophecy Forgotten appeals not only to a fantasy audience but also to an audience that won't necessarily pick up a book with a fantasy illustrated cover (and might even avoid such a book). We decided to stick with the DragonCon cover, but we updated it just a tad, including lightening it to make the details stand out. So here it is, the A Prophecy Forgotten trade paperback cover:

Now that I know what the book cover looks like, I've adjusted my website to reflect it: (I'm working on adjusting my MySpace profile, but MySpace changed how that works, so I'm going to have to relearn everything.)

The A Prophecy Forgotten paperback will be available within a matter of weeks, and it has a new scene added to the prologue! (It may even have a map of Elysia, but the map is giving the printer some trouble right now.) Keep checking the blog for more updates!

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