Saturday, August 02, 2008

Check out the DragonCon Limited Edition book cover for A Prophecy Forgotten!

For those of you going to DragonCon, Wandering Sage Publications has a special surprise for you. For DragonCon only, they are producing a limited edition trade paperback of A Prophecy Forgotten. We just completed the cover for this edition, and here it is:

I realize it may be just a little bit dark, but...let's just say that A Prophecy Forgotten is actually the beginning of a period of darkness that falls on Elysia. (A little hint about Out of the Shadows for you.) We've got a cover artist working on the trade paperback cover right now, and I'll get that up as soon as he is done.

If you are going to DragonCon, find me in the Dealer Room, table A-17!

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