Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Little Hurricane Poem...

I wrote this during Hurricane Charlie, the last category 3 that we will ever stick around for.


Wind: blowing, howling, throwing,
Raging through the tender trees.
Rain: slashing, crashing, thrashing,
Bullets piercing dry land's knees.

Water: surging, rushing, purging,
Angry punches from the sea.
Sky: falling, darkening, calling,
"Seek for shelter or face me!"

Rip! Tear! Creak! Scare!
Trees attacking! Branches hacking!
Pop! Boom! Bang! Doom!
Glass exploding! Roofs imploding!


Eye: shining, peaceful, lying,
Sniper hiding in the reeds.
Storm: brewing, waits, renewing,
Pounds at those already weak.

People: shaking, crying, raking,
Searching through the vast debris.
Lives: shattered, beaten, battered,
Pushing on resiliently.

M. B. Weston
Friday, August 13, 2004

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