Monday, February 04, 2008

Radio Program Update

Here are a few updates regarding the possible Elysian Chronicles radio program:

Ad Astra Radio has approved my ideas for a movie critique radio program and an Elysian Chronicles radio program. They may even provide male voices, which is an unexpected benefit. I can certainly imitate a male voice, but it just doesn't sound the same, and I'm not sure how Elysian Chronicles fans would take to hearing Davian sound like me talking low. Hmmm.

I've ordered the equipment, which includes a microphone (never knew how expensive one of those could be) a sound mixer, headphones, a microphone desk stand that can double as a murder weapon in Clue, cables to connect everything, and a pair of headphones. Once it comes in, I'll have to figure out how to use it. (It's like giving a three-year-old an electric blender...)

Time table: I don't have a time table as to when the first show will air, yet. Ad Astra and I want to get it started as soon as possible, but I need some prep time. Aside from learning how to use the equipment, I plan to spend the next two weeks:
  • Doing some serious planning, as I have to basically plan out about 200 years of Davian's life and decide what parts I will tell on the radio program and what parts I will save for future novels.
  • Writing scripts. In my case, half-scripts. I'm like George Bush when it comes to speaking--I suck when I get a script. Just let me tell the story, baby....
  • Developing new characters. Can you believe that Marcus doesn't even exist in this part of Davian's life? (Well, he exists, but not as an RSO. He's either still on Earth guarding humans or in LAF waiting for an RSO call up at this point. Wow, Marcus as an LAF-lackey. Now that's funny.) Don't worry, Marcus fans. I'll bring him in eventually. (There's actually this really great back story that tells why Marcus is so loyal to Davian, but you'll have to wait for it--tee hee.) And yes, at this point, Davian and Eric are best friends--I've got to be true to the story, so I don't want any hate mail from anyone. (Think of Eric as Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episodes 1-3, except he doesn't whine as much.)
  • Figuring out how to bring in more of the creatures of Heaven's Realm. In A Prophecy Forgotten, I focus on cherubians, unicorns, and mornachts, but I allude to other creatures, such as gnomes, fauns, nymphs, sprites, minotaurs, and dragons. In Out of the Shadows, I develop the dragons and gnomes (and one little tousle with a minotaur), but little else. I'll be bringing in more of the creatures in Heaven's Realm in the radio program.

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