Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Prophecy Forgotten Making a Splash on Digital Blogs

This is an example of how doing something new can create a bit of buzz over the Internet. My publisher, ArcheBooks Publishing, Inc. decided to use new text to speech technology to create an audio book of A Prophecy Forgotten. After we released the audio book, ArcheBooks and my publicist sent out separate press releases about Archebooks's new audio book. The press releases did not necessarily tout ArcheBooks creating an audio book. Many publishers create audio books--nothing newsworthy there. They instead focused on the technology that ArcheBooks used to create the audio book. As a result of these press releases, many blogs about text to speech and audio books have included articles about the audio version of A Prophecy Forgotten.

For example, on September 17th, the Text to Speech Blog posted an article about how my publisher used Neospeech to create the audio book. Also, on September, 21st, the Art Audio Books Blog also discussed the new audio version of A Prophecy Forgotten.

Tons of publishers create audio books, but ArcheBooks decided to do something newsworthy by trying something new, resulting in increased publicity for Archebooks, me, and A Prophecy Forgotten. Click here for more information about A Prophecy Forgotten in audio. Also, stay tuned. I'm going to be producing a separate audio book of A Prophecy Forgotten in audio read by yours truly pretty soon.

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