Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dragon*Con Installment 2: How Far Would You Go…

…To Sell Your Book?

Would you dress up like your heroine and walk down the streets of Atlanta throwing candy attached to your first chapter brochure at the crowd? How about handing out free e-books? And what if your character just happened to be a cherubian (a guardian angel) dressed in a black breastplate and tunic, black boots, and a maroon kilt?

Ah yes, the desire to promote my books has overcome my inhibitions. My friend, Rachel, and I dressed up as Gabriella and joined the Dragon*Con Parade with Sandy Lender, and we marched down the streets of Atlanta in full costume. I threw candy attached to the first chapter of A Prophecy Forgotten: Book I of the Elysian Chronicles to the crowds, and when we ran out of candy, we asked the crowds who liked to read, and handed those who answered cd’s. I have no idea if it worked or not… I had a great time marching behind all the people dressed as Harry Potter.

Rachel, Me, and Sandy in costume, ready to astound future fans....

Rachel & me, covering both sides of the street.

Here are a few things I learned about making costumes and marching in a parade.

1. Making your own wings takes forever—especially when you craft them with chicken wire, cover them with plaster, paint them, and feather them.
2. Plaster wings are stinking heavy. I had to attach them with a metal harness that attached over my shoulders. My collarbones will never feel the same.
3. No one makes plastic breastplates made for women. I had to buy a Roman breastplate (see below), cut it, and paint it.
4. Marching down the streets of Atlanta in heeled boots is painful.
5. If you make really good wings, everyone will want to take your picture.

Below, I have some more pictures…

The breastplates before I got a hold of them (tee hee)

Here are the be breastplates for scale... (Go Yanks!)

I took feathers from about 5 feather dusters and divided them by size and color.

This is the skeleton--the wires I used to shape the wings.

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