Sunday, September 09, 2007

I Found the End of the Rainbow!

But No Pot of Gold…

I’m not joking on this. Today, I actually drove through the end of the rainbow!

Most people say it’s not scientifically possible to find the end of the rainbow. These people have never lived in Florida—a state where torrential rainstorms can create the perfect environment for actually finding the rainbow’s end.

Let me explain. In Florida, you can drive down the street in the dry sun while only fifty yards away, driving rain is falling in sheets to the ground. It’s also one of the only states where you can drive through the rain and get blinded by the sun setting in front of you and also reflecting off the water on the road. (A double blind—ooh the pun of it!) Fun for hours—or fifteen minutes, the average time for one of these downpours.

Today, I was driving down the interstate toward a literal wall of rain. The sun sat low in the sky behind me and reflected off the rain in front of me, making a rainbow. As I approached the rain, the rainbow seemed to get closer, and as I entered the rain, the end of the rainbow literally reflected off the raindrops that hit my windshield. The rainbow disappeared as the rain worsened, and suddenly I could see less than 15 feet in front of me because the rain fell so hard. (And while I was going 80 miles per hour—a slightly tense moment.)

No, I did not see any leprechauns. And no, I was not under the influence of anything but Red Bull. Wait a moment…

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