Friday, February 13, 2009

I've Moved to Typepad

Please find me at To Elysia and Back Again.

As I have grown from being an author to a talk radio host--and now for more than one program--I have developed what I unofficially dub "The Blog Monster." I've discovered that I have way too many blogs in way too many spaces, and since I'm about to being yet another radio show on movies in my local area, I've got to consolidate--or I'll go insane trying to post everything to the right website. (Wait... "I'll GO insane" indicates it has not already happened yet. Hmmm.) I've also discovered that if I consolidate, I'll make it a "one stop shop" meaning people won't get confused as to how to find me.

Anyway, since this blog is simply a cut and paste blog of my personal blog on Typepad, To Elysia and Back Again, I've decided that it will be best if I shut this one down. My reasoning for this is twofold:

  • Blogger doesn't use regular html code, meaning every time I upload my Typepad blog here, it takes me an extra 15 minutes to massage everything in order for it to work.
  • I get Google web alerts for my Typepad blog, but none for my Blogger blog, meaning Typepad is more powerful when it comes to getting Google to notice me. (Oh, and I don't have to use a Technorati code converter in Typepad, which I stopped doing on blogger about a year ago because it took too long.)

This blog posting will be the last posting on this particular blog. I invite you to visit my official To Elysia and Back Again blog, and check out my photo albums there, which are kind of funny!

For those of you who subscribe to this particular blog, please click here to subscribe to my To Elysia and Back Again blog, which is the exact same content as what I post here.

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