Monday, February 02, 2009

Introducing the To Elysia and Back Again podcast!

I'm beginning a weekly podcast called To Elysia and Back Again! (I know, I know, I could have gotten more creative on the name, but it is what it is.) The idea for this podcast idea has been something that has been on my mind for a few years now, and I'm finally getting it started.

My reasons for starting this podcast are simple. Beyond writing, beyond teaching others about writing, beyond discussing movies, and even beyond my love of fantasy and science fiction, my love is for God and Jesus Christ. This is what drives me and everything I do. I want to share this part of me with people, and I want people to know God the way I do.

I also have a love for telling stories, and I’ve discovered something about people as I watch their reactions to stories. I think all of us want to be part of a story. We’re searching for some kind of significance in this world, and I think in our heart of hearts, we know that there is a story out there somewhere that is bigger than ourselves. I hope to help unlock some of that story with this podcast.

I’ve also found that its easiest to explain a concept using a story, and you’ll find me telling a lot of stories in this podcast—especially stories in a series, so make sure you listen to the whole series.

The To Elysia and Back Again podcast is totally separate from The Elysian Chronicles, although I may use some Elysian Chronicles stories to illustrate a few points. (Heck, when I used to teach Sunday school, I used Harry Potter, Batman Begins, and the Pirates of the Caribbean to illustrate my points.) During this podcast, I will explore God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible from a number of different perspectives. Some weeks we will be diving into a certain passage of scripture and examining it. Some weeks, we’ll be looking at God from a more topical approach, and some weeks we’ll be looking at God from a logical, philosophical, apologetic perspective.

You don’t have to be a Christian to listen, in fact, I welcome people of all faiths to listen to this podcast. I’m hoping the stories I tell will be entertaining enough.

If you're interested in listening, you can click here for a brief 4 minute introduction (in which I say some of the same things that I've written here).

A few matters of bookkeeping:

  • I will try to upload a new podcast each Tuesday. (The key word here is "try.")
  • I will be keeping a listing of all the To Elysia and Back Again podcasts on my "Download To Elysia and Back Again Podcasts" page. (Click here, or find it under the Pages section on the top left of the To Elysia and Back Again blog.) This page is in the beginning stages of organization right now. Trust me, it will get better.
  • I'm waiting for iTunes to approve me, and I will let you know the moment I am officially on iTunes.
  • My first podcast is on the next blog (see just above this one), and it's about Davian!

I want to encourage each of you that there is hope in this world. There is a fantastic, amazing story out there, beyond you, beyond me, and beyond any story any author could ever tell. You can be a part of this story. I’m not the one who can provide you with hope or with meaning, but I can share my hope with you, which is why I invite all of you will join me on my journey To Elysia and Back Again.

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