Friday, June 06, 2008

New Podcast: Download A Prophecy Forgotten's Prologue

(and not the robot version either... This one is live! Well, it was live when I recorded it.)

As all of us (including yours truly) are impatiently waiting for Out of the Shadows to come out, I figured it was time to have a little fun with the radio equipment.

*big, smart-alecky smile from yours truly.* (I just love "fun with the radio equipment" games.)

So I figured, why not read a chapter a week of A Prophecy Forgotten and podcast it? Especially because I know a lot of you would rather listen to it anyway. And now, instead of listening to a robot read my work, you can listen to me do it!

The catch is that I only have time to do a chapter a week.

Here you have it, A Prophecy Forgotten: Prologue in a downloadable mp3 file for your iPod or computer. Or you can even download it and burn it to a CD for your car. Oh, and did I mention that we made some slight changes for the eventual paperback version? That means that there's stuff in here that NONE of you have heard (or read) before.

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